Vossos Luoma & Associates

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Vossos Luoma

A Silver Partnership

Vossos/Luoma & Associates is celebrating our 25th anniversary. During that time, we have seen and gone through many changes. However, what has remained consistent is the confidence of our referring agencies and services that have been with us since our opening. To those that have supported our work we thank you.

For those that allow us into their lives for brief and longer time periods, we want to thank you for your confidence and trust. We have been here because of you and we will continue our work with the same passion, respect, and energy that you deserve.

Our team is a strong one. We support one another in our work with a continued commitment to a valued and ethical therapeutic experience for all we serve.

Our Model of Practice

Our model is a unique one that begins with the firm name of Vossos/Luoma & Associates. This is the first point of contact and where all referrals come in. Where we are unique is in the way we practice. Each therapist functions independently in their own business. All files are confidential to each therapist with no knowledge of client information shared with anyone else. Although we consult with one another, no identifying information is shared unless a signed release of information is obtained and the client is aware of the reason for such consultation i.e., referral to another therapist in our firm or when contact is required for a therapeutic need.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

~ tinypositive.com

Therapeutic Contact

In Person therapeutic sessions are offered in a newly renovated office setting that is inviting, comfortable and relaxing. Our sessions begin with an initial contact with the therapist of your choice. However, connection with your therapist is essential to any successful therapeutic experience. If for any reason you feel your therapist is not a match, another therapist will be arranged immediately.

Successful therapy is defined by safety and empowerment in your session and a sense of respect in whatever challenges are facing you in your life journey.
The therapeutic process is one comprised of self-care, learning, processing, discovering, and challenging yourself. This process is often difficult however one that will result in a new chapter in your life that will help you reach your potential.

We also offer sessions via telephone and secure video connection. These forms of therapy make contact with your therapist possible no matter where you are. Technology, for those that find it useful, allows therapy to be accessible when you need it despite your location or situation in life (i.e., Working in another city or house bound due to physical pain issues or limitation.)
It is important that your privacy is ensured along with a strong internet connection to avoid any interruptions during your therapeutic contact.

Picking a Therapist

(Jamie’s tip for picking a therapist)

I have been a therapist for the past 35 years and the one question that comes up a lot is:

“How do I pick a therapist”?

My answer is simple, has many years of experience behind it and to the point:

Picking a therapist is like buying a new pair of new jeans, you just have to find the one that fits you best.

I can’t tell you how many times people call in to our office and ask for me or my partner to see them, their son, daughter or partner. I always ask them what they are looking for and if they prefer a male or female therapist. Many comment on the fact that they have a choice. I always answer the same thing, “yes, you need to have a choice and you need to be comfortable with who you see.”
So, how do you find out if the therapist “fits”?

There are some fundamental questions you should have any therapist answer:

  1. Are they accredited and are they in good standing with their regulatory body i.e., for Social Workers it is the College of Social Work and the therapist will have an RSW behind their name.
  2. How many years have they been doing their work and is their experience a match to your need.
  3. Is there approach sensitive to cultural and sexual orientation needs?
  4. What are their fee and payment options?
  5. Do they have the availability to see you in a reasonable timeframe and session frequency?

Now that we have an idea about the initial questions to ask, let’s look at the fit:

Like a pair of jeans, try them on for size. That is meet with the therapist and get a feel for him or her, their surroundings and general sense of who they are.

Look for:

  • Their approach – are they open and engaging of you.
  • Do you feel listened to?
  • Do you feel respected?
  • Do you feel the time was useful and that something was achieved – in short do you feel better having spent some time with them?
  • Finally, were they worth the investment of your time and money?
  1. If so – see them again.
  2. If not, ask for someone else to see. Do not worry about the therapist or his or her feelings about changing as they should be solid enough to focus on you and facilitate someone else.

So there you have it, find a therapist that feels as good as your favorite pair of jeans and be well.