Jamie Vossos

RSW, Partner

102-133 Main West, North Bay, P1B 2T6



For the past 33 years, Jamie has provided professional services to a variety of client groups in Northern Ontario. His work is comprised of assessment, treatment, consultation and education to individuals, couples, families, teams and corporate clients. His approach is engaging, respectful, accepting and client driven.


    Jamie has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of:

    • High risk clients who struggle with suicide, self abuse, addiction and anger.
    • Family members dealing with a loved one struggling with suicide, self abuse, addiction, anger.
    • Pain management – from motor vehicle accidents.
    • Concussion recovery from sports/accidents in the workplace/ auto accidents.
    • Grief related to loss of a loved one, ability, or illness.
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Workplace stress involving performance, conflict, workload, negative relationships.
    • Stress from situational life changes.
    • Separation and divorce
    • Family of origin issues
    • Body image
    • Self esteem/job performance/sports performance/personal goal attainment
    • Victims of violence – assault/sexual assault/trauma

    Health Care Professionals:
    For the past twelve years, Jamie has provided therapeutic services to professionals who work in the field of human services including police and fire personnel, nursing and medicine, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. The confidential location and atmosphere is especially helpful to this client group given the nature of their own work.
    Appointment times are offered that may be outside of “normal” business hours so confidentiality is ensured.

    Concussion Recovery:
    For the past eight years, Jamie has assessed and treated multiple athletes who have experienced mild to severe concussion injury. Additionally the athlete’s family, teammates, rehabilitation professionals, high school/ University personnel and coaches have been involved in the athlete’s recovery as they are the support system most important to them. This system based approach of support along with clinical therapy around depression, loss, anger and guilt forms a positive client centered process which enables the athlete’s return to the game safely or in severe cases of concussion injury deal with the reality of giving up the sport.

    Pain Management/Workplace Stress
    Jamie has worked with community physicians, physiotherapists and insurance companies in pain management rehabilitation for those suffering injury from motor vehicle or workplace accidents.
    Further, he has provided therapy for those suffering trauma from the workplace – Post Traumatic Stress resulting in workplace absence.

    Jamie works with the following supportive organizations that cover fees for Therapy:

    1. Health Canada – Ontario Region Non-Insured Health Benefits
    2. VQRP – Victim Quick Response with victims of violence


    • Jamie has consulted with corporations on employee issues related to conflict, traumatic incident, addiction, communication and teamwork.
    • Further consultation with the school system around accommodations for students experiencing concussion injury, depression, grief, dating violence and at risk behaviour – addiction, aggression, self harm

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