Kathy Luoma

RSW, Partner

102-133 Main West, North Bay, P1B 2T6



Kathy has been a Senior Partner with Vossos Luoma & Associates since 1995. She has over 25 years of experience in counselling, therapy and play therapy. She has developed expertise in the areas of: children’s issues, understanding attachment relationships and trauma, working with challenges within families, and providing treatment to victims of violence and abuse. She also provides marital and family therapy.

Previous experience includes working for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer as well as Children’s Mental Health Services.

Recent training and education in the area of neuroscience (understanding how our brains respond to trauma and victimization) has further enhanced her work.

Kathy believes that counselling/ therapy provides individuals with an opportunity to grow and develop. She believes in working with the client in a supportive, engaging, strength based manner to explore problem areas at a level that respects where the client is at in their life and what goals the client wishes to achieve.

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