Concussion Injury and Recovery

In recent years, concussions in sport have become more and more prevalent. With the number of athletes experiencing concussions increasing from professional sports to recreation leagues, concussion injury has become a major concern and focal point of discussion at all levels of sport, in the media and the medical community. However, the fact that concussions are often underreported due to a lack of knowledge of symptoms or for fear of not participating, the numbers may be even higher than suspected.

No athlete in any sport is immune to concussion injury and the impact upon the athlete when concussed is at times life changing. Due to the fact that concussion injury has no obvious observable signs i.e., cast or sling, many coaches, parents, teammates have a difficult time understanding how debilitating the injury actually is for the athlete. They often exert pressure on the athlete to return to the game and that can weigh heavily on a premature return to the game and risk of greater injury.

Everyone must understand that a concussion injury is a brain injury that impacts the athlete physically, socially, psychologically and emotionally. It takes time and a regimented plan of recovery comprised of rest, medical and psychological/emotional intervention, education of the athlete and his/her support system around concussion recovery, adjustment to school or work pressures and unconditional support from the athletes social and athletic group. There is no shortcut and the athlete and his/her support system must be invested in recovery time not the speed to get back in the game.

The Athlete

The athlete is wired to work hard and commit totally to the game. Messages of sacrifice, push through it, give it your all cloud the commitment to recovery. Often the rest that is needed is viewed as “doing nothing” and letting the coach and team down. The shift in insight/understanding that is required for any athlete is to see rest as a vital and necessary step to recovery and a successful return to the game.

Concussion Recovery – The Athlete (click to view pdf)

Victims of Head Trauma

Suffering a concussion from a motor vehicle accident, workplace injury or any other incident of head trauma requires an approach comprised of rest, rehabilitation and support. The impact of any concussion injury upon the individual is far reaching in that all aspects of a person’s life is impacted including relationships, academic or work performance, leisure activities and normal occupations of the day. Any successful return to normal living will take time, patience, understanding and perhaps most importantly validation of the severity of the person’s concussion injury.

Concussion Recovery – Victims of Head Trauma (click to view pdf)