Payment Policy

Vossos/Luoma & Associates is a private firm offering a variety of therapeutic services to the general public, private companies and third party referrals.

As we are a fee for service provider, it is important for all clients to understand their responsibility for payment of all services scheduled or requested.

  • Fees are applied to hourly sessions, reports/letters and consultation time.
  • Payment by way of cheque, cash or electronic transfer is the only method of payment accepted before or at the time of the session.
  • There is a fee for a cheque that cannot be processed due to insufficient funds.
  • No debit or credit card payment is accepted.

Non attendance and cancellation without 24 hours notice:

Sessions not attended or cancelled without 24 hour notice will be charged at the full session fee.

If a session time is cancelled and someone can be booked in your time slot, no charge will apply.

Third party payment:

  • Some companies pay for therapeutic services directly to us and so the client has no obligation for payment.
  • However if a client does not show for an appointment or cancels without 24 hour notice, the payment for the session is the responsibility of the client as the referring company will not pay for such fees.
  • Some companies will pay for services however only after submission of a receipt. In this case the client will pay for sessions themselves and then submit a paid receipt to their company for reimbursement.

If there are any questions about our policy please discuss with your therapist.