Our Team

Our Team

Our team consist of seasoned professionals with deep roots in the community.

Both senior partners, Jamie Vossos and Kathy Luoma, are natives of North Bay. They have each invested in the community professionally – via professional therapeutic services, education and committee work as well as personally via coaching hockey and ringette.

Jamie Vossos established the practice in 1989. In 1995 he was joined by Kathy Luoma thus forming Vossos / Luoma Counseling Services. We are celebrating our 25th year of service and look forward to many more years of practice.

Terra Nevrencan has been a part of our team since October of 2003. She brings with her valuable experience and an approach that encompasses compassion, respect, and professionalism.

Sharon Langley joined the team in 2019. She brings with her years of experience in the Mental Health field with a caring and engaging approach built on respect, compassion, and mindfulness.

Our team has gained experience working in a variety of agencies and institutions including mental health and addiction, child rehabilitation and protection, academic, legal and health care institutions. We work to provide the highest quality of service and how we succeed is in the experience we have gained over the years and the continual support of one another while doing our work.

Andrea Barton, Sharon Langley, Andrew Barton, Terra Nevrencan,
Kathy Luoma, Jamie Vossos

“Teamwork is everything”

Jamie Vossos R.S.W. (H.B.S.W. S.S.W.)

Senior Partner: Vossos/Luoma and Associates – established in 1995
Psychotherapist – OCSWSSW (122353)

For the past 35 years, Jamie has provided professional services to a variety of client groups from Nipissing/Parry Sound to Sudbury, New Liskard, Huntsville, Barrie, and Toronto. He also provides secure video sessions via a telemedicine site called DOXY. This form of therapy erases distance and so many can access services from wherever they are. This has been especially important for people who want to continue services when ill and unable to leave their home, when moving away for a job, university or sometimes when on vacation. Secure video sessions proved essential during the Corona Virus with client’s inability to attend the office for “in person” sessions or when on quarantine.

His work is comprised of assessment, consultation, education, and psychotherapy.
In the therapeutic process Jamie includes a variety of approaches including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Insight Oriented Therapy, Mindfulness and Solution Focused Therapy. His client group begins in the teen years and spans to the elderly. In the course of his work he will see individuals, couples, and families.

He specializes in work with high risk individuals experiencing suicidal ideation and self-harm, addiction, and mental health, as well as those dealing with trauma from family of origin abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, or other violent life event.

Part of his practice involves therapy for those suffering a sports or accident related concussion injury. From the initial stages of concussion recovery to post concussion syndrome he works with the injured, his or her family/workplace/ academic or team representatives to help in the adjustment period of recovery.

For the past fifteen years, Jamie has provided therapeutic services to professionals who work in the field of human services. Compassion Fatigue/ burn out and PTSD can be a debilitating result of one or more incidents that are traumatic and impacting upon the helper. Those who work as first responders including police/fire/EMS/ as well as those that are involved with helping those suffering traumatic life events including psychotherapists, psychologists, nurses, psychiatrists, and physicians working in a general practice or hospital setting. All receive a supportive and safe environment with confidentiality as the cornerstone of the process.

Jamie’s approach is engaging, respectful and caring. The therapeutic process promotes insight, processing of emotion, skill building, validation of the right to a strong voice and most importantly empowerment towards change.

Jamie works with the following organizations who provide payment for sessions:

  1. NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits) – Health Canada: Providing services to Indigenous People.
  2. BOOST – The Internet Child Exploitation Program provides short-term counselling services to child and youth victims of Internet sexual exploitation and to their impacted family members to help them recover from the victimization they experienced and develop coping strategies to improve their functioning.
  3. Victim Services – provides immediate, short term crisis intervention services to persons affected by crime, tragedy, and disaster.

Kathy Luoma R.S.W. (H.B.S.W.)

Senior Partner: Vossos/Luoma and Associates – established in 1995
Psychotherapist – OCSWSSW (122214)



Kathy has been a Senior Partner with Vossos Luoma & Associates since 1995. She has over 30 years of experience in counselling, therapy and play therapy. She has developed expertise in the areas of: children/ teen mental health, helping people heal from trauma/ loss, working with family systems and couples.

Previously Kathy has worked with The Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Children’s Mental Health Services and has Supervised Clinical programs within the Child Welfare system as well as supervised Students in the Social work field.

Kathy uses her knowledge of attachment relationships, neuroscience (how our brains develop and are wired) as well as an extensive training history to work with individuals from the ages of 4 and up as well as their families to create meaningful change. Her work focuses on helping people identify patterns of interaction, cycles of stress and responses to difficult situations and provides clients with goal focused strategies for change.

Within her work she utilizes many approaches that are geared to the clients’ personal experience and goal areas. Some of these areas include: CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), Mindfulness (group and individually trained), Attachment Theory, the Neurosequential Model of Brain Development, Polyvagal Theory, Trauma Informed Therapies, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy concepts, Brief-Solution Focused Therapy, Somatic Therapy approaches as well as Play Therapy/ Theraplay approaches.

Kathy believes that therapy provides an opportunity to grow, develop and heal. Her approach is supportive and engaging, allowing those she is working with to determine the depth of the work they wish to do. In healing trauma and dealing with stress and loss, the importance of healing the mind as well as recognizing the role our body has in storing and experiencing emotion is a key tenet of the work. Kathy helps clients explore problem areas at a level that respects where they are at in their life and what goals they wish to achieve.

Terra Nevrencan M.S.W., R.S.W.

Associate Therapist
Psychotherapist – OCSWSSW (824576)

People are ever changing. Your mental health and emotional well-being deserve your attention throughout these times. Therapy can assist with helping navigate your personal challenges and develop strategies which help achieve your goals for a more satisfying life.

Terra is here to help navigate these unchartered waters. She has over 25 years of experience in counselling, psychotherapy and play therapy. She is a Registered Social Worker with her Masters in Social Work. She is a member of the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy. She is also a registered trainer of Mental Health First Aid for Adults working with Youth and ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.

Terra works with clients ranging from young children to the elderly. Her passion is to work with teens. She does both individual and family therapy through in person and virtual appointments. Terra’s approach to therapy is from an attachment based, trauma informed psychodynamic approach addressing internal family systems.

Terra’s practice uses evidence-based methodologies which include Narrative Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. She has worked with both brief and longer-term therapy models. She has extensive experience working with families, childhood trauma, separation/divorce, and survivors of intimate partner violence. Her approach is client centred, compassionate and non-judgmental. Terra will help you calm the waters by starting where you are at, to help you reach your goals and a calmer existence.

Sharon Langley B.A., B.E.D., B.S.W., R.S.W.

Associate Therapist
Psychotherapist – OCSWSSW (127762)

What exactly is Self-Care? How do I care for myself If I only have
time to care for others?
Life is a delicate balancing act and sometimes we forget to prioritize self.
Do you feel overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety ?Are you grieving for
the loss of someone you love or the end of a relationship?
Sharon can offer professional supportive counselling by introducing
coping strategies to improve mental health and adjust to the
challenging changes in life.
For the past 28 years ,Sharon has worked as a Clinical Social Worker
providing individual, couple and family therapy.

Background and Training
Educational Background: Includes a Degree in Social Work /Degree in
Education (Certificate in Special Education) and Degree in Social

Training Background: For over 28 years Sharon worked as a Clinical Social Worker /Psychotherapist in two hospital settings (North Bay Psychiatric Hospital and North Bay
Regional Health Care Centre). In that time, she worked with a diverse patient
population helping individuals and their families with anxiety, depression, family relationships, substance abuse. She worked collaboratively with a consultation team specializing in Seniors Mental Health.

It became apparent that the continuum of wellness involved a solid connection of mind and body. Sharon studied Mindfulness Stress Reduction and received her training with Dr.W Knight and the late Michael Stone (Buddhist Monk).She has brought Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Thought Pattern techniques into her therapeutic practice. Sharon is a certified Yin Yoga teacher and the utilization of movement and breath work are embraced in therapy and in her own meditative practice.

The Experience of Counselling and Therapy
Coming to see a Social Worker /Psychotherapist for the first time or
sixth time can be an overwhelming experience. Talking about feelings
can lead to increased anxiety. Sharon provides an atmosphere that is respectful and welcoming. The individual client can have with them a supportive person if needed and the combination of both factors can result in greater calm and opportunity for healing.
Her expansive career has allowed her to tailor therapy to meet every
individual’s specific needs. She integrates Mindfulness strategies into counselling
sessions when appropriate and only if the client is receptive to it.

Therapeutic practice includes:
Emotionally Focused Therapy /Cognitive Processing related to Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction, Crisis Intervention. She will see couples, families and individuals.

Sharon’s own Self Care Practice
Sharon has embraced her own meditative practice for the past ten years.
What does Mindfulness mean?
Paying attention in a particular way: On purpose, in the present
moment and non-judgmental. “Jon Kabat -Zinn

Sharon attends silent retreats once a year and now brings movement
into her practice.( Mindful walking and Yin Yoga) .

Sharon also loves being in the present moment at the family cottage.
She cherishes family time with her husband, two lovely grandchildren,
her children (daughter in laws and son’s in law ) and
her 89 year old mother. The laughter and snoring at the end of each
day is a wonderful gift.

The wonderful sensation of sound and being deeply in the present moment.

Andrea Barton M.S.W., R.S.W.

Associate Therapist
Psychotherapist – OCSWSSW (827298)

Vulnerability is an act of bravery. Talking about life challenges can be daunting and overwhelming but when done with the right support and approach it can be extremely rewarding.

Andrea is a registered Social Worker with an undergraduate degree in Gender Equality and Social Justice and a Master’s degree in Social Work.

She has the privilege of walking alongside you in your journey to vulnerability and ultimately resiliency. Using a strength-based approach, Andrea can support you in meeting your full potential in trying times.

Andrea works with many age groups, from children, youth, and their families to adults. She has a specific insight into perinatal mental health which spans the breadth of reproductive health and wellness.

Andrea utilizes evidence-based therapeutic modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Trauma treatment. Andrea has worked extensively with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, behavioral struggles in children, peer and family relationships, and traumatic experiences.

The therapeutic process may include expanding emotional awareness, exploring coping strategies for adversity and distress, and working to differentiate who you are from what you have experienced. Andrea is passionate about creating a solid therapeutic relationship and walking alongside you in the journey of counselling.

Andrew Barton M.S.W., R.S.W.

Associate Therapist
Psychotherapist – OCSWSSW (828343)

Perspective on Therapy
Life is a remarkable journey filled with moments of happiness, excitement, connectedness, wonder, and love. But the universal truth of being human is that at some point, we will all experience psychological pain, because with life also comes anxiety, sadness, anger, grief, failure, and loneliness.
Andrew believes that therapy is a safe space where you can learn effective ways to respond to these difficulties in order to get more out of life.

Education/Therapeutic Approaches
Andrew is a Registered Social Worker with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice (Criminology).

Andrew is formally trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Andrew also relies on other evidenced-based modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. In addition to the above modalities, Andrew is certified in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

Therapeutic Interests/Knowledge
Working primarily with teens and adults, Andrew can help you manage an array of different conditions and experiences, including:

  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Personality Disorders
  • Workplace-specific stressors and traumas, including post and secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

Whether it be unpacking your past, managing your present, or building your future, Andrew will provide you with an empathetic space to work through whatever it is that brought you here.